Photo project detailing the making of Steve Aoki’s music video “Darker Than Blood” in which he collaborated with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. Photographed in Pasadena, California.

-Original article published in Rolling Stone. Link can also be found here.

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Welcome to the Future
The video takes place in a time not so long from now. A new virus has infected the planet, and a biotech clinic has sought help from an unlikely pair – Steve Aoki and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

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The fate of humanity lies in these samples.

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Selfie Break
Aoki and Shinoda goof around between takes.

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Mic Check
Aoki gets to work, using a microscope to examine petri dishes.

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Point of View
Aoki eyes up a shot.

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En Garde
Aoki and Shinoda square off.

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Black and Blue
Makeup artist Daniela Grasso applies the lines that mark the infected.

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Dawn of the Dead
The exterior of Pasadena’s Mountain View Mausoleum – a set location.

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Little DJ Boy
Early in the video, this child dodges attackers by running down an alley. In the final scene, we realize that he is a young Steve Aoki – who will grow up to attempt to cure the infection.

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